Artists’ Alpine Holiday-Retiring after 60 Years

The OCAA Board met on January 7th, 2023, to discuss whether or not there would be an Alpine Artist’s Holiday art show in 2023. Discussion also included whether to continue AAH in the future. Responses from the earlier emailed letter were all considered. Ideas from the Board as well as information and comments from past AAH participants and present OCAA members were part of the discussion. The response to the earlier emailed letter was disappointingly small. Only 5% of the total 438 letters responded. Of those who answered if they would participate in AAH in 2023, half said they would not. AAH suffered a major profit loss in 2022 as well as having profit losses in each of the most recent years. The number of art entries continues to decline.

After considerable thought, the OCAA Board unanimously voted not to continue with AAH. The Board wishes to thank all OCAA members and AAH participants for 60 years of supporting AAH and sharing their beautiful art.

OCAA will remain and continue to pursue ways to support art in Ouray and the surrounding communities. OCAA will continue to provide scholarships and offer other support to the artistic endeavors of the youth in our communities. OCAA will continue to partner with The Wright Opera House to showcase local artists. The Board asks for your continued membership to help support these efforts.

Stay tuned-OCAA will continue to inform you of future artistic endeavors.

If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact Judy Hazen at jhazen@yahoo.com.


Our 60th and our last.  Thank you to all the artists, judges and volunteers for making our 60th anniversary a beautiful one!

2022 Winner’s List

BEST IN SHOW – Donald Maurer: The Flicker


1st: Amy Grogan: Mineral Blues

2nd: Carol Foerster: Seagull

3rd:  Bernard Barrett: Anticipation

HM: Judy Campbell: Coal Miners of Kentucky


1st: Cie Hoover: Elevation

2nd: Carol Brecker: Ikebana Relief Agave

3rd: Judy Hazen: Grosbeaks ONLY!

HM: Loretta Casler: Line Seeking


1st: Kevin Koch: The Arches in October

2nd : Noble Heller: Wild Ride

3rd: James Dawson: Shade Tree

HM: Mary Pat Ettinger: Afternoon on the Mesa

HM: Bernard Barrett: Lillian

HM: Noble Heller: Wolfgang von Trips-Monaco

HM: Catherine Morin: May the Love of Your Mother      Sustain You


1st: Nancy Lewis: Mesa Magic

2nd: Rosemary Juskevich: This Old House

3rd: Dinah Swan:  Anak

HM: Dinah Swan: Coq de Bois

HM: Juanita Nelson: St. Michael’s


1st: Gary Ratcliff: Red Mountain Paintbrush

2nd: Todd Miller: Colorful Summer Sunrise Above Blue Lakes

3rd: Gary Ratcliff: Colorado Waterfall Milkyway

HM: Rodney Martinez: Two of a Kind

HM: Todd Miller: Wildflower Explosion at Ice Lake

HM: Todd Miller: Geminid Meteors Shower Down Over the Gore Range


1st: Jolynn Chappell: Norbert

2nd: Nick Eason: Summer Love

3rd: Carol Langan: In Momma’s Arms

HM: Jolynn Chappell: Home Sweet Home


1st: Janet Vetter: A Nod to the Sun

2nd: Linda Sherman: Layers of Time

3rd: Robert LaRose: Forsaken City Shadow Play

HM: Linda Sherman: The Miner

HM: Dani Tupper: Mama’s Shopping

HM: Susan Thiele: Ancient One

HM: Kate Gray: Beary Sleepy


1st: Bryce ThomsenNight and Day

2nd: Auga: Crossing the Road

3rd: Ervay: Aquarium Perspective

HM: Julian: Paint Brush Splatter

HM: Rex: New Year Dragon


1st: Anna Mahlin: Home

2nd: Cory Thomsen: My World

3rd: Keaton Nelson: Spirit of the Peak

HM: Ava: Untitled


Community Center, 320 6th Avenue, Ouray, CO

July 28th & 29th – 10 a.m. – 7 p.m

July 30th & 31st – 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Aug. 1st – Aug. 6th – 10 a.m. – 5 p.m




If you haven’t already renewed your annual membership, please consider doing so.  In part, your membership fees go towards providing  scholarships to Ouray County graduating students who go on to major in fine arts.  Membership Here

Select the Membership tab above or mail your membership payment to OCAA, PO Box 167, Ouray, CO 81427

We thank you for your continued support! 


2021 Scholarship went to:

Ouray County Arts Association announced this year’s recipient of the Wayne Mayfield Memorial Scholarship:  Maisy Gardiner,  a Ridgway High school senior.

Gardiner, who will graduate later this month, will receive a $1000 scholarship.  She has been accepted into Colorado State Univ in Ft. Collins in their honors program, pursuing a degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis on graphic design.





2020 in Review:

Ridgway Senior, Raven Hopgood has been selected by the OCAA board to receive our 2020 Wayne Mayfield Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $1000.  Raven plans on attending the University of Colorado Boulder to study Art Practices.

We appreciate your support and so do the scholarship recipients!

A letter from one of our past scholarship recipients: 

Hello OCAA,
I wanted to reach out and say thank you. When I graduated from Ridgway High School in 2013, you helped me on my journey to becoming an artist by awarding me a scholarship to study Graphic Design at Fort Lewis College. A year later I ended up transferring to Montana State University where I shifted my artist medium to photography. Last December I graduated from Montana State University with a degree in film and photography with an emphasis in photography. I participated in two senior thesis shows and was awarded best in show with my project titled Passions. Throughout college I assisted my professor, Guggenheim Fellowship Recipient Ian Van Coller in the field and at his studio, working on projects with a focus around Climate Change. When I graduated, Ian invited me on a trip to photograph Glaciers in Auyuittuq National Park, Baffin Island. At the end of last summer I joined Ian and a few other amazing artists on a trip to the arctic circle. I am extremely proud of this project and would love to share it with you. orionwillits.com/baffin-island

After I graduated, I moved back to the San Juans. I was hoping to have an exhibit in the area but with everything that is going on in the world that will have to wait.
Thank you for the help, the stepping stones to pursue art as a profession, and the inspiration. I look forward to attending the Alpine Holiday Show in years to come.



Supporting artists and students in Ouray County for over 60 years