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Café Ridgway a la Mode  
Frank and Becky Bellrose
Charlie & Jackie Berger
Kathleen Breatore Bratt
Lawrence & Carol Brecker
Patricia Brown
Laurie & Donna Bunten
Denise Bush
Loretta Casler
Phyllis Jane Clayton
Debbie Conyers
Deborah Conyers
James R Dawson
Floyd and Karen Day
Peter & Deedee Decker
David M Delo
Holly Dodge
Mary Pat Ettinger
Greg Everhart
Lois Fisher
Anthony Gegauff
Amy Grogan
Chris & Carol Harper
Cecilia Harvey
Christiane Hawkins
Judy Hazen
Natalie and Noble Heller
Margaret & Thomas Henderson
Tom & Sue Hillhouse
Fred Honchell
Henry & Jeanne Hooper
Cie Hoover
Susan Humphrey
Pat Jeffers
Bobbie & Mark Johnson
Theresa Lynn Johnson
David Jones
Laurie Jones
Dave & Margaret Kaufmann
Tom & Carolyne Kelly
Christine Kinion
Robert LaRose
Judy Leonard
Rodney Martinez
Celie Matteson
Todd Mayfield
Del Morgan
Angela Moyer
David Westfall & Faith Parry
Don & Beth Paulson
Bonnie Morris & Robert Reeves
Brian Rezac
Barbara Parish and Gary Roberts
Teris Schery
Mike Simpson
Rich Sprankle
Anna Tewes
Lorraine Trenholm
Susette Warynick
Scott and Sheellagh Williams
Joyce Withrow
Claudia Wolff

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