Your support enables us to carry on our mission which is to provide information about art related events in Ouray County; to encourage appreciation, enthusiasm, participation and support of the visual arts; to encourage local artists by providing a venue for presenting their work; and to award scholarships to graduating Ouray County students that go on to major in the Fine Arts.


  • Barb Parish & Gary Roberts
  • Bark Kendrick
  • Becky Suppeland
  • Mike Simpson
  • Austin & Carolyn Ray
  • Natalie Heller
  • Rod & Sue Martinez
  • Teresa Johnson
  • Larry & Carol Brecker
  • Laurie & Donna Bunten
  • Noble & Natalie Heller
  • Barb Parish
  • The Women’s Club of Ouray
  • Ann Dettmar
  • Rita Pacheco
  • Glenda Moore
  • Woman’s Club of Ouray County
  • Judson’s Outfitters Plein Air Award
  • Golden Acrylic Student Award
Purchase  or Cash Awards (Past AAH shows)
  • Alpine Bank
  • Citizens State Bank
AAH Program Sponsors 
  • Art By the Park
  • Cafe Ridgway ala Mode
  • Canyon Print & Frame
  • Cimarron Coffee
  • Lone Cone Photography
  • Rig’s Adventure Company
Special Awards -Gift Certificates
  • Cafe Ridgway ala Mode Student Award
  • Mattes and More – gift certificate
  • Steve Marshall Award – gift certificate
Special Awards (ribbons)
  • Rocking W Cheese Award
  • Mildred Baker Merit Award
  • Mildred Baker Student Achievement Award
  • Dave and Mary Wood Student Achievement Award