Membership Levels and Benefits 2019


Benefits to becoming a member of Ouray County Arts Association are that publications that you’ve authored can be sold at our annual AAH show (less 30% commission) as well as the opportunity to have a solo or joint art exhibit with another member at the Wright Opera House in Ouray.  Please see the Event Info tab above for additional information.

Membership Levels:


Individual Contribution


 $25.00 (Individual)

 $40.00 (Family)

 $75.00 (Patron)

 $150.00 (Sponsor)

 $300.00 (Benefactor)



 $25.00 (Business)

 $40.00 (Partner)

 $75.00 (Patron)

 $150.00 (Sponsor)

 $300.00 (Benefactor)

THANK YOU!  You make it possible. Every $1 helps!



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