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Please note:  We  have introduced an online membership form at the bottom of this page below which will then take you to the option to pay by check or pay online. Make  your payment  decision before filling out the form and indicate there which method you will use.

  1. First fill out the membership form below. Please include your full address so we might contact you. When you submit, you will receive a confirmation email and be re-directed to the payment page. 
  2. Second, after re-directing you to the payment page, pay by check  (see mailing address) or by the online /Stripe buttons corresponding to your membership level.  When we have received your check, we will mail you a confirmation.

Should you run into difficulty, please contact Judy Hazen  or Natalie Heller at

Member Benefits:

  • Paid members with art related websites may submit your web address to so that we can feature it on our “Member Gallery Links” page.  Please provide all contact info.
  • Paid members may sell publications that you’ve authored at the AAH show. (Calendars, books)
  • Paid members may have two pieces of bin work to sell during the AAH show.
  • As a paid member you may have a solo or joint art exhibit at the historic Wright Opera House in Ouray.  (Subject to calendar availability and approval of your art.)  Please see the Event Info tab above for additional information.
  • (All sales are less 30% commission to OCAA.)

Board Member Benefits:

  • Board members may have three art submittals to our annual AAH. (Non-members receive two entries.)
  • Board Members may submit 5 pieces of binwork during the AAH show.

Please consider joining the OCAA Board to assure our future.  We need volunteers!

Membership Level Choices:

  •  $25.00 (Individual)
  •  $40.00 (Family)
  •  $75.00 (Patron)
  •  $150.00 (Sponsor)
  •  $300.00 (Benefactor)



  •  $25.00 (Business)
  •  $40.00 (Partner)
  •  $75.00 (Patron)
  •  $150.00 (Sponsor)
  •  $300.00 (Benefactor)

THANK YOU!  You make it possible. Every dollar helps!

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