Alpine Art Show 2019- Payment with Credit Card

Summary Prices and payments

  • $30 Member up to two entries
    $5 Member one additional entries
    $40 Non-member up to two entries
    $5 Non-member additional entries
  • Handling fee for shipped art work: $10

If your payment processes successfully, it will return you to this page. Check the bottom for your confirmation number. You then can return to make payment if you are shipping your pieces.

$30 member up to two entries
[stripe name=”AAHS” description=”$25 member up to two entries” amount=”2500″ billing=”true” payment_details_placement=”above”]

$35 Member 3 entries

[stripe name=”AAHS” description=”$30 Member 3 entries” amount=”3000″ billing=”true” payment_details_placement=”above”]

$40 Non-member up to two entries

[stripe name=”AAHS” description=”$35 Non-member up to two entries” amount=”3500″ billing=”true” payment_details_placement=”above”]

$45 Non-member Option 3 entries
[stripe name=”AAHS” description=”$40 Non-member Option: 3 entries” amount=”4000″ billing=”true” payment_details_placement=”above”]

Handling fee for shipped art work: $10
[stripe name=”AAHS” description=”$10 shipping/handling fee” amount=”1000″ billing=”true” payment_details_placement=”above”]

After you pay for your entry fee you will return here. If you need to pay for your shipping fee, pay above.