The Wright: Exhibit signup & Contract form


This agreement is between the OCAA/FWOH and_____________________________, the Exhibiting Artist(s).

Each exhibiting artist(s) must sign and return this Art Show Agreement in order to exhibit their works at the Wright Opera House.  All works of art must be approved by the OCAA.  Both approval of the artwork and signing of this Art Show Agreement must be completed prior to scheduling the exhibit and the Opening Reception.

Pieces may be removed or relocated at any time at the discretion of the FWOH.  The artist will be notified prior to action.

The WOH can act as an agent for sale of objects, but it is preferred that the artist(s) arrange for possible sale themselves.  Any objects may be displayed with prices and a price list should be made available to the WOH.  An artist statement and biography may also be on display along with contact information during the show.  Thirty percent of the price of any sale will go to the OCAA/FWOH, to be split evenly between the 2 organizations.

The artwork to be displayed is not owned by OCAA or the FWOH and neither will act as custodian of property belonging to others.  The FWOH has no responsibility for care of the artworks and OCAA/FWOH will be held harmless in the event of damage or loss.  The exhibiting artist or group will assume all responsibility for damage to and/or loss of art objects on display.

The following conditions shall apply:

Advertising-The exhibiting artist(s) OCAA and FWOH will cooperate in advertising.  All costs of advertising will be borne by the exhibiting artist.

Advertising must be pre-approved by OCAA and FWOH prior to any display or distribution.

Mounting of the exhibit in the WOH- If any piece of art does not meet with the approval of OCAA/FWOH during hanging, it must be removed by the artist and may be replaced by an approved substitute.

The art show should consist of approximately 10-20 pieces.  All art must be hangable with wire hangers.  Wire ends must be taped to insure no injury to WOH wallpaper.  No 3D art can be accommodated.  Prints from original art are acceptable as long as they are identified as such.

Exhibits will remain mounted for a specified, limited period of time (approximately 2 months), and must be removed at the end of that period.

Members of the OCAA/FWOH will be present to assist the installation of the artwork.  Only materials provided by the WOH will be used in installing the exhibit.  No adhesives of any kind are allowed and no additional holes are to be made in the WOH walls.

Neither the mounting of the exhibit, the removal of the exhibit, nor the exhibit itself may disrupt the WOH regular services or cause damage to the WOH property or building finishes.

Exhibits will be installed at an agreed upon date and time prior to the opening of the show.  WOH will open an hour prior to the reception to allow for any additional preparation by the artist(s).

Exhibits will be removed at an agreed upon date and time prior to the hanging of the next show.

Opening Reception-Each artist or a representative must be present at the reception.  One or more OCAA/FWOH members will attend each opening reception and will be available to answer questions about Art at the WOH.  The opening reception will be held from 4-7 p.m. on the day of the exhibit opening, unless another agreed upon time works better for all involved.  Members of OCAA/FWOH and the exhibiting artist(s) will provide refreshments.  During the time of the opening reception, the exhibiting artists(s) may speak individually with the patrons, but no speeches or performances are permitted.

OCAA and Friends of the Wright Opera House may postpone or cancel any exhibit or opening reception at their discretion.

The Art at the WOH is under the auspices of the Ouray County Arts Association and the Friends of the Wright Opera House Boards of Directors who have final authority over all matters relating to the program.


I have read, understand, and agree to all of the above conditions:


__________________________________     _____________ Signature of Exhibiting Artist/Date


__________________________________     _____________


__________________________________   _____________



__________________________________     _____________Signature of OCAA representative/Date


__________________________________     _____________Signature of FWOH representative/Date



Your show is scheduled for: ________________________________

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